With decades of professional experience, mainly in the construction of individual exhibition and festival installations, we have turned to larger and interior design projects with more complex technological needs. Our well-established construction team fulfills the orders in its own production center equipped with wood industry, painter, electrician and locksmith units, modern machinery, our own design team and the highest level of quality. From conceptualizing plans through moving walls to filling spaces with color, life and elegance, we keep everything in one hand.


  • Interior design I BROWN FORMAN OFFICE I 2019
    Brand-oriented interior design and next-generation workplace solutions.
  • Interior design I Home I PRIVATE APARTMENT I 2021
    Our home is the most important and kindest living space for us.                                                                                                           
  • Manufacture of furniture I PRIVATE APARTMENT I 2021
    Design and manufacture of home and office furniture, from kitchens to living rooms and bathrooms.
  • Furniture Design I T-Design dresser
    Quality, timeless and unique pieces of furniture. Bed, table, built-in wardrobe or complete furniture.